Urgent handling of Intellectual Property matters

We offer to immediately handle and file online the PCT National Phase Patent in India, Trademark application in India and/or a Design application in India and claim priority. We prefer to receive the instructions at least 24 hours before the expiry of the deadline, to properly handle such cases. 

Do note that an URGENT ACTION FEE + ‘Additional fee for such filings on credit’ shall be applicable for such expedited handling.

The URGENT ACTION FEE for a Patent application shall be US$200 and for a DESIGN/TRADEMARK application shall be US$100, the ‘Additional fee for such filings on credit’ shall be further US$100 for each case. These fee shall be in addition to our regular fees.

You need to send us the instructions by email to info@bhagnari.com and then call on+91.98605 88440 to confirm. 

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